How to Hide Prices From Non-Wholesale Customers in WooCommerce

4 Ways to Hide Prices From Non-Wholesale Customers in WooCommerce

After watching the title, you may wonder why you must hide prices from your non-wholesale customers. Suppose you offer unbeatable deals to your most valued wholesale customers, but what will happen when your retail customers discover this? Obviously, they will feel you do not appreciate their loyalty, and the chances are high that they may shop from your competitors. To stop this possibility, it’s necessary to maintain your wholesale offering in WooCommerce and keep your prices strictly for your esteemed clientele.

In the competitive world of WooCommerce, maintaining a balance between your retailer and wholesale customer is crucial. Although offering wholesale pricing is a great move to accelerate your sales, risks driving potential customers away are still there who may feel unfair on the pricing. 

To guarantee success in both WooCommerce domains, we are introducing some simple yet magical approaches. You can use these approaches for WooCommerce to hide product prices and elevate your business to new heights of growth.

Before exploring the best ways to hide the prices of your wholesale products, know why it’s necessary.

Why Hide Prices From Non-Wholesale Customers in WooCommerce?

Establishing a thriving wholesale business while dealing with retail is challenging. But when you implement some practical elements like WooCommerce to hide product prices, the possibilities are strong to attract wholesale and retail customers, foster long-term relationships, and boost conversion rate.

shop page hide prices from non-wholesale customers

Let’s find reasons to hide prices that make all the difference.

To Protect Margin

We know wholesale prices are set to facilitate wholesale buyers when they purchase in bulk while keeping the business’s profitability. So, if retail customers come across this lower pricing, it can negatively impact your profit margin. When retail customers show such discounted pricing, they will expect the same rates even if they don’t meet the criteria of volume requirement. 

The situation can lead to deterioration in the margin because, as a seller, you will be forced to give the same prices to non-wholesale customers who are not entitled to them. So by hiding WooCommerce product wholesale price, you can maintain a clear difference between wholesale and retail pricing, protecting your profit margin and business viability.

Professionalism and Reputation

To get recognition in WooCommerce, it’s essential to establish a reputable brand. But how is it possible when competition is so high? Professionalism is the key to success. However, achieving a level of professionalism is hard, but it can be smooth to reach when you draw a line between wholesale and retail customers. 

When you believe a WooCommer hides product price policy for non-wholesale customers, you clearly distinguish between your wholesale and retail channels. It demonstrates your commitment to serving both customers on the same level, and you appreciate their loyalty regardless of the product volume they purchased from you.

Target Marketing 

When you create a sense of exclusivity, you make your customers feel appreciated and valued regardless of whether they are wholesale or retail customers. Target marketing is the best technique to ensure a sense of exclusivity. Also, hiding the prices of your wholesale products from non-wholesale customers enables you to focus on your marketing efforts, like allowing tailor personalize messages for both fields along with promotion and incentives. 

Prevent Price Comparison

Hiding prices of wholesale products is important to prevent price comparison. When retail customers get access to wholesale prices, they can easily compare them with the retail costs of the product you are offering. The situation brings disadvantages as customers may visit your competitors who provide the same product at lower pricing. So when you hide the prices of your products, you level the playing field and make it difficult for retail customers to compare your wholesale and retail pricing.

Effective Ways to Hide Prices From Non-Wholesale Customers

Utilize Role-Based Pricing

Implementing the role-based pricing strategy allows you to display different pricing sets to different customer segments. It’s one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to hide prices from non-wholesale customers. First, your store should provide the wholesale registration form for your customers to help you separate wholesale and non-wholesale customers.

Registration form for wholesale

Here are a few effective techniques that allow you to implement role-based pricing.

Pro Tip: Using plugins like wholesale for WooCommerce will make it easier for you to enable user-based roles on your WooCommerce store 

1. Hide Category

Hide category WooCommerce lets you execute user-based pricing. Now you are curious how to do it. Just follow these simple steps, and you are good to go.

  • Install and activate plugins on your WooCommerce account.
  • Go to WooCommerce Products and click on the category.
  • Enable product visibility. 
  • Tick the checkbox “Hide product of this category for wholesale customer”.
  • Save the category.
Hide product categories

2. Customize Pricing Tiers

Generating pricing tiers based on customer roles helps you restrict access to wholesale pricing. To enable this:

  • Go to Product-based tiers and click on edit
  • Select any Role and Enable the role by ticking the checkbox
  • Select Discount Type 
  • Click on Add Tier Pricing 
  • Enter on Save changes

Create a Separate Wholesale Store

Many WooCommerce store owners are running wholesale + retail businesses together to accelerate sales rates. Since the pricing of products in wholesale and retail is visible to all types of customers, it creates difficulties as non-wholesale customers also want to purchase products at discounted prices, which won’t be possible, but in the end, this scenario results in losing potential customers.

The best way to settle this issue permanently is to set up a separate wholesale store where only your wholesale customers get access and find exclusive offerings hidden from the non-wholesale customers.
To learn how to set up a WooCommerce store, click here.

Request for Quote  

Another best solution to hide prices of wholesale products from retail customers is enabling request for quote functionality. By executing this tactic, pricing information is concealed, and consumers are prompted to submit a quote request. 

This makes initiating a personalized negotiation process possible, enabling WooCommerce stores to reveal wholesale pricing to customers fulfilling the eligibility criteria. By using the plugin of the quote for WooCommerce, you add a button to request a quote or set up a form that lets your customers ask for product prices individually.


To summarize, hiding the prices of products in WooCommerce for non-whole customers is essential to maintaining a successful wholesale business. Also, implementing effective strategies mentioned in this blog empowers businesses to protect their pricing information, foster personalized engagement with potential wholesale buyers, and maintain an evolving landscape of WooCommerce.

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